Ditch the Dustpan | Friday Kitchen Find

Check out our Friday Kitchen Find | Sweepovac ~ a self-contained vacuum system.  Using a dustpan can be a chore, Sweepovac will simplify your kitchen clean up, and you can ditch the dustpan.

The fact that is is self-contained and DOES NOT require you to hook up to a central vacuum system makes for a quick and easy installation.  It installs at the side of an end cabinet or even on the end of an island cabinet.  The Sweepovac is the solution to keeping your kitchen floors clean and we think it is a must have in every kitchen.  .

See for yourself in this short video clip...

The Sweepovac retails for $229.00 and comes standard in stainless steel or white finish.  Gives us a call to order yours today ~ 941-378-9964.
photos and video credit via SweepovacUSA

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