Waterfall Living Room | Natures Beauty | Design Inspiration

While traveling recently, I visited Amicalola Falls.  Located in northern Georgia the Amicaloa Falls State Park and Lodge is a beautiful place, after spending time there it is easy to understand why it is one of Georgia’s most popular state parks. 

In addition to its spectacular scenery the park is filled with beautiful hiking trails, a campground a wonderful lodge and the breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls. At 729 feet, Amicaloa Falls is the tallest waterfall in the Southeast and I can’t imagine anyone not being inspired by the magnitude of its beauty.  

As an interior designer I am always looking for inspiration and fresh new ideas to incorporate into my projects.  I love to incorporate my inspiration by translating it into my designs.  The textures, the colors and the essence of that moment woven into a space I am designing. 

Looking back on the photos I took during my visit to Amicalola Falls I created a design inspiration board for a  living room space.  The waterfall is breathtaking and awe inspiring in all of its natural beauty and to capture that I began with selecting a piece of artwork that captures the color palette.

I then selected the anchor pieces, the sofa, side chair and book case.  Each of these pieces grabs an element from the waterfall, the sofa with is crisp lines and a bit of curve reminds me of the flowing water over the falls, the staggered pattern of the bookcase is reminiscent of how the rocks step down the mountain and the texture of the metal side chair gives a textural element much like the texture of the rolling water over the jagged rocks.  From there I am drawn to the gray color palette of the stones, the green in the trees that frame the waterfall and the crisp white of the water as it cascades down the face of the falls. 

PAINT COLORS – Benjamin Moore Colors A-BM Midnight Oil 1631, B-BM Steel Wool 2121-20, C-BM Hot Apple Spice 2005-20, D– BM Herb Garden 434, E– BM Winterwood 1486, F– BM Chantilly Lace 2121-70. (Please note these colors are photographic representations and may not depict the true color)

After the color palette is established the other elements are brought in to complete the look.  The large coffee table resembles a tree stump but also mimics the rock face of the falls.  The side tables, the lamps and the accessories bring it all together for a complete sophisticated living room space inspired by the natural beauty of this waterfall.  

What do you think?  What inspires you?

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  1. I think nature is the best element that inspires many people out there including myself too. I am not a furniture maker or interior designer but I am definitely a house owner. Hence, I love patterns or colors that incorporate nature elements into them which look really soothing to the eyes and I always look out for these factors when making my purchase.

  2. Marcio ~
    I couldn't agree more, there is so much in nature that influences our choices, our style and what we like. Thank you so much for your comments and glad you enjoyed the post.