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What an honor to be gracing the pages of Sarasota Magazine for my professional insight and experience.  A heart felt thank you to Sarasota Magazine for including me in the October 2015 Issue! (click on the magazine picture above to read the article)

After speaking with Sarasota Magazine I found myself thinking more about what I love and thought I would share a bit more with you here.  There are so many I could go on forever.

As an interior designer and a kitchen and bath specialist I love all things kitchen.  Show me a good appliance or some beautiful vintage dishes and you have my full attention.  I can spend hours in an antique store admiring dishware and antique kitchen tools of days gone by.  My mother recently gave me a hand mixer circa 1970ish with a wonderful avocado green handle.  And not a plug in type mixer but an actual hand held, hand powered mixer used to whip up some great scrambled eggs maybe or perhaps a good homemade whip cream.  Something I will treasure for years to come. 

In light of my love for vintage I also have a total and complete fascination with modern day appliances and one of my favorite appliances in my kitchen is my Brew Express coffee maker.

It is recessed into the wall and frees up valuable counter space.  It not only fits into the wall but it also has a direct water connection, so all I have to do is add the coffee and push the start button.

When it comes to major appliances there are some great options a few I particularly love are as follows:

GE’s French Door Wall Oven

…what I love about this besides that is bakes so wonderfully and is also a convection oven, is the way the doors swing open to allow you to be closer to what you are cooking and in my opinion have easier access.

AGA Cast Iron Range
…it is a more traditional looking range with amazing versatility. 

Sub-Zero Refrigerator

…hands down my all-time favorite appliance that has been around for ages but is the leader in food preservation in my opinion.  Sub-Zero, they know what they are doing and are the best at it.  A brand new product from Sub-Zero is their new integrated refrigerator and freezer columns, sure to open up amazing design possibilities.

For me I am often inspired by nature.  I feel as though nature provides us with true, real and most importantly natural colors.  And the remarkable thing those colors change and evolve with the changing of seasons much the same way design evolves and changes in our homes over the years. 
I find myself recently inspired by more muted color tones, Color that is strong but not so loud.  Benjamin Moore’s affinity color collection is a perfect example of this.
When it comes to cabinetry or furniture I tend to lean a bit more to the contemporary side of things with a splash of traditional.  I love when the styles are mixed.  A few examples…

The Paper Table by Studio Job from Moooi
…it has a very traditional style but comes in very contemporary painted finishes.

Aurora outdoor chair from Made Goods
…very traditional Elizabethan shape but a very stylized contemporary feel.

Brizo’s Artesso kitchen faucet
…it is has the traditional style of the bridged faucet but is a bit more sleek than its inspiration and it gives it a more modern feel and most especially in the polished chrome finish. 

Like I said, I could go on forever.  I hope you have enjoyed what I have shared here, feel free to leave a comment below and thank you again to Sarasota Magazine for such a wonderful article.

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