What's for Dinner ? Plated to the rescue ??

What's for Dinner?  Do you ever ask yourself, what should I make for dinner tonight?  Or are having friends over for dinner and want to prepare a gourmet meal and you don't have time to plan what to make?  Do you like to cook and enjoy making a gourmet meals with fresh ingredients?

Well Plated is a company that provides exactly that.  A entree Menu with multiple selections each week shipped directly to your home with the recipe and all the ingredients that are needed to prepare the meal.  You may have seen them recently on an episode of Shark Tank where Mark Cuban gave Plated the investment they want in addition to advisory shares.  

I enjoy cooking, planning a meal, preparing it and then sharing it with family and friends.  Though I have to say I do sort of get in a rut from time to time.  I find myself cooking the same meal or a variation of it over and over again.  Creature of habit?  Or is it just lack of time to really sit down and explore alternatives? 

Well for me, I have a busy schedule during the week and the last thing I want to think about is what am I going to make for dinner and the dreaded trip to the grocery store where I walk thru trying to figure out some semblance of meals for the week.

So I decided to try out Plated, chef designed recipes and fresh ingredients delivered right to my door.  And so I jumped right in, I placed my first order last week and it arrived via FedEx directly to my door this past Saturday.

I am looking to make my life easier and find a way in my busy like to explore cooking alternatives.  It is one thing to have a recipe it is another to have the recipe and all the ingredients arrive at my home and all I have to do is enjoy preparing it and serving it. 


So the box arrived Saturday afternoon, I opened it to find the four recipe cards for the meals I had ordered and two separate insulated bags.  Inside the bags were still slightly frozen ice bag/blocks along with separate bags containing the individual ingredients for each meal.  Everything looked really fresh and to my surprise still cold from the ice blocks.

Here is what it looked like as I UN-boxed everything...

Let the cooking begin!  

First up Spinach Pesto Grilled Cheese
w/ Tomato chickpea Salad

Be sure to check back to see how each meal was!  I will share my experience and what I thought about each meal and you will be able to just follow the link below once the post is live.  

         Meal 2 - Lemongrass Pork w/ Vermicelli Noodles

         Meal 3 - Poached Salmon w/ Red Quinoa, Kale and Dill Yougurt Sauce

         Meal 4 - Chicken Tikka Masala

If you are interested and want to try it for yourself click the Plated logo or Whats for Dinner to learn more...


Disclosure:  This is a "Sponsored Post" the company/companies who sponsored it compensated me via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value to write it.  Regardless, all opinions written here are my own and I only promote or recommend products or services I believe in.


  1. That's exactly it. I get in a rut and keep cooking the same thing. Looking up menus and then buying the ingredients takes so much time that Plated is the perfect way to try something new without having to find the recipe and then go buy all the required ingredients.

    1. Looks like a very good way to stretch one's after work - enjoyment / relaxing time when one has a jam packed daily schedule. Going grocery shopping takes so much time. Also maintaining good nutrition is so important for energy and "brain power". I will put this concept on my priority list of things to try. Thanks Carmen for the info.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I watched them on Shark Tank too and went to order but they are not serving my area yet. :( Glad to see you enjoyed it.....a review I can trust! Looking forward to seeing the other meal reviews!