Its not your Grandma's Kitchen | Plastic Laminate Steps It Up!


Even though retro is sort of back right now, it doesn't mean you want your kitchen, your bathroom or any room in your house to really look like your grandma's house.  
Vintage Formica Advertising Postcards - photo via ebay listing

As much as I loved my grandmothers and have amazing fond memories of their homes, I don't long for those gold flecked white plastic laminate countertops.

pic - House Beautiful April 1957 issue

With that in mind, step into 2014!  

When was the last time you took a look at Plastic Laminate or even considered plastic laminate for your cabinets or even countertops for that matter in your home or business?  Well I can honestly say, having been in the kitchen and bath industry for over 25 years it has been awhile since the subject of using plastic laminate has even come up.  For me it was, key word was, sort of like asking if you want to buy a Yugo or a Pinto if you remember what those are.  Well Yugo's are not around anymore or Pintos for that matter, but  Formica has been around for over 100 years and is BACK in  fresh, exciting, new and innovative ways!    

Formica turned 100 years in 2013

I had the pleasure of celebrating their birthday with them last year at  KBIS2013 in New Orleans. (Great cupcakes by the way)
Formica Booth #KBIS2013

Ok, ok, so I know you are trying to get past that whole Yugo / Pinto comparison, sorry about that I was just making sure you were paying attention.

So that was then...and this is NOW! 
(insert applause, oohs and aaahs here)

Formica Magma Black

“Although granite continues to be popular, homeowners are expanding their material preferences to include new stone variations,” said Amy Gath, vice president of marketing at Formica Corporation. “Our latest laminate patterns are fresh, affordable and maintenance-free alternatives, making design trends accessible for all.”

Formica - Lapidus Brown

During my trip to KBIS/IBS Design Construction Week 2014, in Vegas as a member of the #BlogTourVegas Team, I got to see first hand Formica's most recent pattern and finish introductions.  As a professional I have to say this is the first time I have been excited about plastic laminate in a very long time. 

“The new 180fx® patterns reflect some of the most stunning granite options on the market,” said Amy Gath, vice president of marketing at Formica Corporation. “Using advanced printing technology, we authentically replicated each beautiful detail in true scale ― capturing the high-end look homeowners desire without sacrificing the maintenance-free and affordable nature of laminate."

The 2014 180fx® introduction includes:

Formica - River Gold 180fx4

3546-46 River Gold in Etchings™ Finish: An inviting creamy-white granite with linear veins of gold and gray highlighted by chocolate-brown crystals. One of the most desirable granites, it reflects the trend toward light and white sophisticated stone. The Etchings™ finish enhances the “river-like” quality of the pattern with its light linear movement.

Formica - Lapidus Brown 180fx2
 3547-RD Lapidus Brown in Radiance® Finish: A versatile and timeless granite that features vibrant gold tones and rich iron veining highlighted by creamy white crystals and gray and black pebbles. Its rich color palette will coordinate with a variety of cabinetry, from light golden maples to cherry to antique black. The Radiance® finish highlights the crystalline structure. 

Formica - Magna Black 180fx
3548-RD Magma Black in Radiance® Finish: A dramatic stone that lives up to its name, each slab appears as if liquid lava has been poured over it. Rivers of gold, gray and rust highlighted by pure white crystals create a bold pattern. The Radiance® finish deepens the black background and accents the pebbles and crystals.
Formica - Red Dragon 180fx2
3549-RD Red Dragon in Radiance® Finish: An exotic and alluring rich red with dramatic veining and gray crystals. The Radiance® finish intensifies the color and complements the crystalline structure. 

All 180fx® patterns are available with IdealEdge™ laminate edge profiles. Suitable for curved, clipped or 90-degree corner installations, IdealEdge™ decorative edges transcend the customary limitations of laminate by eliminating flat edges and brown seams.

In addition to unmatched aesthetics and performance, all 180fx® patterns are designed to minimize environmental impact. Each pattern is certified under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) and the GREENGUARD Certification Program (including a GREENGUARD Certificate of Compliance Gold).

With over 100 years experience, Formica is leading the way with innovative new and exciting patterns, finishes, edging and surface materials.  The realism in the pattern, color and selections available are amazing and virtually hard to tell from the original pieces of stone, wood, metal and other surfaces they were made to reflect and look like.
Top Left—8829 Graphite Twill | Top Right—845 Spectrum Red
Bottom Left—3458 Travertine Silver | Bottom Right—8826 Neutral Twill

It really is the perfect material for multitudes of things - countertops, table tops, built-in's, desks, name and it can be built out of Formica.  And it won't look like your Grandma's Kitchen.


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  1. great coverage. well done Carmen!

  2. Great article as I truly didn't have enough time at KBIS & missed the Formica exhibit

    1. Thank you so much and I totally agree, I missed alot also! Was a great new energy there this year though and it was so positive! thank you for your comment!