BLANCO Kitchen Sink is the ONE™

In keeping with their amazing style and their innovative functionality Blanco's new kitchen sink the ONE™ Collection is sure to be a show stopper ~ New Product introduction at KBIS2014.  As part of the Modenus BlogtourVegas team I had an opportunity to see the ONE™ up close and personal during our time at KBIS |IBS – Design & Construction Week.  It is everything it appears to be and a great addition to any kitchen with multifunctional accessories to meet everyone's needs. 

BLANCO introduces the ONE™ Collection– three spacious kitchen sinks + five innovative accessory kits = the ultimate individualized workstations The new ONE stainless steel sinks join personalized lifestyles with commanding functionality to create organized culinary and cleaning stations.
BLANCO, German innovator of extraordinary kitchen sinks and faucets, launches the ONE Collection with three new sinks and five innovative accessory kits that combine to form unique customized solutions for cooking, organizing and cleaning. 

    “By far, the biggest design trend that connects with both consumers and
    designers is the idea of individualization,” states Tim Maicher, Director of
    Marketing for BLANCO. “We have so many options in front of us each day
    – we truly believe that there is one product, made just for us and for our
    life. That is the inspiration for ONE. It’s a sink that lets you customize the
    features to create a personal workstation.”

    “If you have a family and are worried about keeping knives out of reach, if
    you are a foodie and you want a cutting board that lets you clean, cut and
    save space, if you are living in a small metro space and you don’t have
    counterspace to both clean and prep – there’s a BLANCO ONE sink and
    accessories kit just for you,” continues Maicher.

BLANCO ONE comes in three base model sizes: XL Single, Super Single and Medium bowls. Able to take on the challenges of daily life, these easy-to-clean 9" deep bowls are created from high quality stainless steel with BLANCO’s signature Satin Polished Finish. The accessories include a Magnetic Sink Caddy to hold cleaning tools inside the sink; a Workstation that holds knives and utensils; an  Ash Compound Cutting Board that fits to the sink to save space and protective Custom Grids. Exclusively for the XL Single bowl, the Multi-Level Grid.

This multi-functional sink meets the needs of many types and styles of users and is fitting of the name the  ONE™.  Well done Blanco!

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