Kitchen Desperate For Change

This Kitchen was stuck and in desperate need of change...

Stuck in a bit of a time warp, with the original hinge exposed faceframe cabinetry, linoleum floors, laminate countertops and a swing door that closed the room off from the rest of the home, this kitchen was screaming out for help.  Located on the 9th floor of an older condominium building there were multiple restrictions and limitations that needed to be taken into consideration during the design process.  Through careful planning and creative design an amazing new functional kitchen design evolved based on the needs and requirements of the homeowner.   
The new design changed the location of the entrance into the kitchen to a more central location to the left of the new refrigerator location.  This then gave way for additional new countertop space to the left of the slide in range and microwave exhaust hood location.  

The original ceiling, a dropped dome ceiling with florescent lights and plastic light diffusers, was removed to give way to new taller upper cabinets and a crown molding detail to the new ceiling height.  In addition to the increased storage space in the upper cabinets another big change to the kitchen is the addition of drawer space.  The old kitchen had a total of 3 top drawers and the new kitchen design boasts 16 new drawers. 
The relocation of the refrigerator allowed a space to create pantry storage, a built in dining area, glass door display storage, open shelf display storage and 9 of the 16 drawers.  The new recessed can, decorative light and under cabinet  light fixtures allows for various lighting options in the new kitchen.  

The new solid white wood cabinetry with raised panel door and drawer fronts with a creamy white painted finish compliment the new granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, glass tile backsplash and a beautiful new wallpaper .....all of this and more helped  bring this kitchen up to date and create a functioning kitchen that will be enjoyed for years to come.


  1. Stepping out of the box creating this design of functionality and aesthetics makes for a fantastic space. The placement of task lighting and ambient lighting makes this kitchen space a great place to enjoy putting on a great dinner. Truly love it.

    1. Thank you cvnbnwe for your kind thoughts, we agree having the right lighting is so important to great kitchen design and it played a large part in making this kitchen remodel more efficient and functional.