Kitchen Desperate For Change

This Kitchen was stuck and in desperate need of change...

Stuck in a bit of a time warp, with the original hinge exposed faceframe cabinetry, linoleum floors, laminate countertops and a swing door that closed the room off from the rest of the home, this kitchen was screaming out for help.  Located on the 9th floor of an older condominium building there were multiple restrictions and limitations that needed to be taken into consideration during the design process.  Through careful planning and creative design an amazing new functional kitchen design evolved based on the needs and requirements of the homeowner.   
The new design changed the location of the entrance into the kitchen to a more central location to the left of the new refrigerator location.  This then gave way for additional new countertop space to the left of the slide in range and microwave exhaust hood location.  

The original ceiling, a dropped dome ceiling with florescent lights and plastic light diffusers, was removed to give way to new taller upper cabinets and a crown molding detail to the new ceiling height.  In addition to the increased storage space in the upper cabinets another big change to the kitchen is the addition of drawer space.  The old kitchen had a total of 3 top drawers and the new kitchen design boasts 16 new drawers. 
The relocation of the refrigerator allowed a space to create pantry storage, a built in dining area, glass door display storage, open shelf display storage and 9 of the 16 drawers.  The new recessed can, decorative light and under cabinet  light fixtures allows for various lighting options in the new kitchen.  

The new solid white wood cabinetry with raised panel door and drawer fronts with a creamy white painted finish compliment the new granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, glass tile backsplash and a beautiful new wallpaper .....all of this and more helped  bring this kitchen up to date and create a functioning kitchen that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Friday Kitchen Find | Wine on Demand

What wine lover wouldn't love this four bottle wine dispensing and preservation system for their home?  No more pouring out unused wine, no more having to choose red or white.  This unique and ready to use wine dispenser allows you to select and dispense exactly what and how much wine you want on demand.   
photo credit
The restaurant quality WineStation's proprietary argon gas preservation system allows you to open and enjoy a variety of wines and vintages for up to 60 days without the need to discard or consume unused portions.  The environmentally-friendly and energy efficient Thermo-Electric Cooling System sets the ideal temperature for either red or white wine without the use or need of hazardous pollutants or refrigerants. 


Outdoor Living | My GenX Design Studios Presentation

As one of eight designers selected to participate in the KBIS Design Studios, I was asked to design a Outdoor Living Space for a hypothetical Generation X client and I would like to share that design with you here.

When I began the design process for this project I started out by giving myself some parameters and/or client requirements.  In keeping with the current outdoor living trends, outdoor living spaces are becoming outdoor rooms.  I feel strongly that outdoor living spaces should be designed to accommodate functions that at one time were only found indoors.  I design outdoor living spaces to live in such as Kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms.  These spaces are an extension of the home, comfortable living spaces that blend with life in your home, outside of your interior walls.

Here is my GenX Outdoor Living Space designed and presented at KBIS2013 in New Orleans. If you would like to hear / see my presentation powered by QueX and Teliris technology recording you can click here (be sure to adjust volume).

Who is Generation X?

born 1965—1979  age today between 34-48

Work To Live are Tech Savy and Value Work/Life Balance

GenX Inventions

introduction of the personal computer

Microwave Ovens , Post-it Note, Rollerblades, Walkman,

the start of the video game era, cable television and the Internet

Historical GenX Events

the AIDS epidemic, the war on drugs, the Iran hostage crisis, the Persian Gulf War, the Dot-Com bubble, the emergence of Alternative Rock, new wave music, electronic music, glam metal, pop punk, grunge, rap music and hip hop.  X’rs are often called the MTV Generation.  Nixon resigns, Challenger explosion, Reagan, Thatcher, and Gorbachev, Fall of the Berlin Wall, Lennon shot, Kuwait invaded, Oklahoma City bombing, Death of Princess Diana, Clinton scandals, Women's Rights, Y2K

GenX Client

-  Family of Four 

- The Mr. & Mrs. are both working professionals

- Teenage children both on High School Swim Team

 - They are an active family and want to create a new outdoor space that will to be an extension
    of their existing living space.  They enjoy being outdoors, cooking and entertaining.

Must Have’s

- Outdoor Kitchen—to include grill, pizza oven, refrigeration, ice maker, large enough to  
   accommodate seating for four.

- Dining Area—outdoor table and chairs seating for min. six.

Living Room —oversized comfy outdoor furniture

- Other—  fireplace, lap pool, sun deck, privacy.   

      Outdoor Kitchen ~ 1. Grill with Exhaust Vent, 2. Sink, 3. Icemaker, 4. Refrigerator, 5. Pizza oven, 6. Counter seating. Outdoor Living Room ~ 7. Fireplace (wood burning), 8. Seating area, 9. Outdoor drapery. Outdoor Dining Area & Patio ~ 10.  open beamed ceiling grid, 11. Dining table for six, 12. Lap Pool, 13. Sun Deck, 14. Raised Planter / Privacy Wall

I designed four distinct areas - Outdoor Kitchen, Outdoor Living, Outdoor Dining & Lap Pool Sundeck area.  




"Designing outdoor living spaces to live in!"
                                       Carmen Christensen

Happy Mother's Day Mom....

I want to thank you for all you do, for who you are and for being my mom.  I know each and every day how fortunate I am to have you in my life.  I am so thankful to be aware of how precious our time together is and know that each moment we spend together is a moment I will cherish for all time. 
Your loving daughter....


Friday Kitchen Find | ROHL Waterside Apron Sink

This weeks Friday Kitchen find ~ ROHL'S Waterside Apron Sink - Gold Award winner, Best Kitchen Product - KBIS2013.  The simplicity of this sink is what makes it so appealing and could easily find it self in a traditional or contemporary style kitchen.
photo credit ROHL



In honor of my recent trip to New Orleans, what is a Fleur-de-lis? 

The fleur-de-lis or fleur-de-lys is a stylized lily (in French, fleur means flower, and lis means lily) or iris that is used as a decorative design or symbol. ~ Fleur-de-lis is a heraldic device somewhat resembling three petals or floral segments of an iris tied by and encircling band.  The heraldic bearing of the royal family of France.  The iris flower or plant. 

From the time the French Explorers founded New Orleans in 1717 the fleur-de-lis has been a strong iconic symbol of New Orleans French heritage.  From the architecture to the Saints logo, the Fleur-de-lis is an everlasting testament to the strength and history of the city of New Orleans. 

Friday Kitchen Find | Wine Logic | spotted at #KBIS

I spotted the Wine Logic as an entry in Best of KBIS during #KBIS2013 and I knew it would make for a great Friday Kitchen find.  

photo credit

It you are a wine enthusiast and have begun to collect and purchase wine, then this Friday Kitchen find is a perfect solution to your wine storage needs.  The Wine Logic has three roll-out shelves, holding up to 18 bottles and fits into a standard base cabinets.  It is easily installed and you could have multiple units installed to create your own personal wine cellar.  Check out this video

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Wallpaper Wednesday | Artist Amanda Talley | #NOLA

left to right Lori Gilder, Andie Day, Amanda Talley, Meridith Heron, Carmen Christensen

While in New Orleans for KBIS I had the pleasure of going to, artist, Amanda Talley's gallery.  In the heart of the New Orleans Garden District, Amanda's gallery is located in an amazing old building built originally to house a pharmacy in the early 1800's.  
photo credit
upstairs living area with amazing exposed brick

floor to ceiling windows lead out to a 2nd story balcony

The street level space houses the Gallery, a fabulous courtyard and Amanda's art studio.  The upper level of the building is where the artist calls home.  The character of the building combined with the vibrancy of Amanda's work and her amazing hospitality made for a memorable experience.
Amanda Talley in her studio
a look at Amanda's work in her Gallery

gallery director Randy Jackson
So what does this have to do with Wallpaper?  Well Amanda the Artist has a distinct style and creates works of art that have been transposed into fabric...
Amanda in her gallery wearing a dress made of fabric designed from her art

and quite naturally into this amazing wallpaper...

The wallpaper comes 24" x 144" and can be purchased for $120/roll
Check out these most recent patterns
afternoon sail



Studio Amanda Talley
1382 Magazine Street
New Orleans, Louisiana