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I am headed to the annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, more commonly referred to as KBIS.  It is the trade show of all trade shows for the Kitchen and Bath Industry.
Having worked in the kitchen and bath industry for what seems like forever I still remember the first time I attended KBIS.  I never imagined all those years ago that I would be asked to present one of my designs on the show floor.  

I am one of eight designers, from across the country, invited to participate in KBIS Design StudiosPowered by QueX Technology we will be demonstrating QueX's new concept called the QueX Experimential Showroom.  It is sort of like Today's Tomorrow.....where we are and where we are going...a way to change the engagement of design professionals, their clients and the products they design, specify and sell.
Cheryl Kees Clendenon, Corey Klassen, Carmen Christensen, Andie Day, Lori Gilder, Meredith Heron, Tyler Wisler, Susan Serra

The eight of us were asked to design a space based on our interpretation to meet the generational lifestyle of Baby Boomers, Generation X and the Millennials.  I was given the challenge to create and design an Outdoor Living space based on my interpretation of the Generation X lifestyle.   

We were each given the freedom to design our perspective spaces how we choose, to include our choice of products and materials.  We will each present our design at the KBIS Design Studios, using QueX's advanced technology that will allow us to show how we can interact with our clients in more engaging ways.

Technology is evolving the way we design and how we do business with our clients.  This is a great opportunity to experience first hand a new and exciting way to evolve my business.  How are you evolving?
The presentations will take place at the KBIS Design Studios Space 3352 Friday April 19th and Saturday April 20th.  I am scheduled to present my GenX Outdoor Living space on Friday at 1:30 p.m. and again on Saturday at 11:30 a.m. ~ See you at the Show!

The Kick Off Event – Beignets and Bubbly
The KBIS Design Studio space will host a Beignets & Bubbly Tweet Up, to introduce the designers and the demonstrations to bloggers and general media on day one of the show.
10:30am-12:00 noon
April 19
KBIS Design Studio Space 3352

“QueX’s patented technology allows designers to create interactive client profiles tailored specifically to the client’s product needs and requests,” says Mark Lenhart, managing partner of QueX, based in Chicago.  “the KBIS Design Studio powered by QueX will enable collaboration among clients, designers, architects, builders, and others to take place in real time allowing for a more productive project management experience. It will also allow designers to see their designs come to life in full scale before they are actually constructed.”
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