Friday Kitchen Find | Galley Sink

This Friday Kitchen Find is the crème de la crème of kitchen sinks for anyone who fancies themselves a chef or has a love for entertaining at homeThe Galley Sink is really more than a sink, it is a kitchen workstation that can double as a serving station inside or outside.

Watch this video and see for yourself the amazing possibilties...

Cutting boards, colanders, a drain rack, and stainless bowls slide above and below each other on two tiers inside the sink to accommodate food preparation, clean up, and serving in one convenient place.   
The Galley is revolutionary in function and design.  Available in three lengths: 7’, 5 ½’ and 4’, the Galley can be installed indoors or out.  It can be installed as an undermount sink or as an apron front sink.  And if you install a cooktop right next to it you’ll be able to cook right at the Galley.

And it can also be kosher - To prevent the consumption of forbidden food combinations, every Galley accessory is available with your choice of color: red, blue or green. The central drain of the Galley creates the ideal station to prep all your Kosher foods safely. You can easily keep the categories separated while you have everything you need for each food preparation. Meat, dairy, or parve? No problem at the Galley!

~photo credit The Galley Sink~

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