Four Corners of Law & Architecture, Charleston South Carolina

Charleston South Carolina is seeping with history.  It is architecturally a very enchanting and visually interesting place to visit.  During a recent visit this past summer I learned about one such historical place know as "the four corners of law".  It is at the intersection of Meeting and Broad Streets and is host to four buildings that represent each level of government and also are a wonderful representation of four types of Architecture.

The Courthouse representing state law (Neoclassical Style),
Charleston County Courthouse 1790-92 - architect James Hoban

City Hall representing municipal law (Greek Revival and Adamesque style),
Charleston City Hall 1801 - architect Gabriel Manigualt

the Federal building and U.S. Post office representing the federal law (Renaissance Revival Style)
Charleston United States Post Office 1896 - architect John Henry Deveereux

and Saint Michael's Episcopal Church representing canon law (Georgian Style).
St. Michael's Episcopal Church 1751-61 - architect unknown


  1. Oh, I haven't heard the four corners of law before. They are beautiful! Such a very impressive places to visit. Nice share!!

    1. Thank you for the comment and yes it was a great discovery for me, Charleston is rich with architectural history!