Wallpaper Wednesday #BlogTourCGN

We couldn't have a Wallpaper Wednesday without taking a glimpse at a little bit of wallpaper I saw during my BlogTourCGN trip to IMM Cologne.  And in honor or Valentines Day...here is a fabulous pink heart wallpaper
photo credit Duetsches Tapeten-Institut
The Association of German wallpaper industry, Tapeten-Institute, represents the interests of the German wallpaper manufacturers. Through standardization, uniform labeling and quality criteria for wallpaper in German and European installations. Besides the wallpaper manufacturers, the association is supported by companies as associate members.

At the Tapeten-Institut booth of the German Wallpaper Institute facility, wallpaper lovers could experience the latest collections of German manufacturers, browse through pattern books and get a up close look at some of the selections with the rotating display boxes.

During IMM Cologne Duetsches Tapeten-Institut talked with visitors to say the value of wallpaper is less a question of money and more an expression of individuality.  Wallpaper can speak and make the walls in a home create a place where you feel good, it becomes a resemblance of your individual style and personality.
I love this flocked and sparkle paper, textural and visual


  1. What? How did I miss that wallpaper? I love those top 2 wallpapers. Dang, girlfriend, you found some super cool stuff.

    1. I know, aren't they fun? You can really change the way a room looks and feels with those big over-sized prints. There was so much to see...no way to see it all ...but what I did see was amaze! Thanks for stopping by to check it out and thank you for the comment Alexandra