I am a lover of all things Kitchen and if you can make something in the kitchen techy or automated then I am even more excited.  I have featured something like this before here --> New Age Ventilation.  When I saw this while at  IMM Cologne , during Blog Tour, I was stunned, amazed and in awe!  Berbel Ablufttechnik has taken it to a whole new level ~ they look like light fixtures, they move up and down via remote control and they are a ventilation hood!  Brilliant!

Watch this video and see it in action!

I think I am going to start a new post section, I will post an interesting gadget, or cabinet storage solution or maybe even interesting hardware, it will be something to do with Kitchens and I am going to call it Friday Kitchen find!  Let me know what you think ...leave a message below!


  1. Wow Carmen I totally missed this! Thanks for sharing. And yes, start the new category!

    1. Hey Tina, There was just so much to see, hard to have seen everything. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Hugs, Carmen

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    1. Thanks Alexandra! I think anything automated is cool! Love Techy stuff and when it is functional techy stuff like these vent hoods, Bonus! Hugs, Carmen

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    1. thank you for the comment and yes I like very much also!!!

  4. Your kitchen gadgets fit into every budget. I surely appreciate this level of automation in my kitchen.