A Passion for Perfection was the theme, Blanco 's motto during IMM Cologne 2013, and it was evident to me the moment I stepped into their LivingKitchen display that Blanco is passionate about perfecting their products.  They go beyond just sinks and faucets, they are kitchen specialist and they create workstations for the kitchen.  They are passionate about their products and they are always working towards perfecting their function.  
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With over 20 years in the kitchen and bath industry, I am no stranger to Blanco.  However I can tell you that it was not only a huge honor but was also a fabulous educational experience for me to see first hand Blanco's latest and greatest as a member of the Modenus BlogTour Cologne team during our visit to IMM Cologne's the LivingKitchen show.
For three generations, BLANCO has quietly and passionately elevated the standards for luxury sinks, faucets and decorative accessories. Proud of its European heritage and award-winning German engineering, BLANCO is steadfastly committed to their tradition of high quality, innovative design and unsurpassed service since 1925. Today, BLANCO is the only supplier in the world to produce its own sinks from start to finish in three materials. Dedicated to quality without compromise, every sink is closely inspected many times before it receives the BLANCO name
Blanco was was founded in 1925, and they currently have over 1200 employees.  Their commitment to perfection and years of experience is the foundation of their success and is testament to the German quality and reliability they are known for.
New Blanco Products | IMM Cologne 2013

The new faucet series includes the Victorian GRACE II, the sleek ALTA Compact, the elegant HILAND and the graceful NAPA. Complete with beautiful finishes and water saving options, these stunning faucets deliver powerful performance.

“Our latest collection of faucets offer livable style,” stated Tim Maicher, Director of Marketing for BLANCO. “When we say livable style, we are referencing style that leads trends while integrating into any kitchen design. At the same time, we are talking about the faucets’ functionality. Faucets are the jewelry of the kitchen. They must be attractive, but they are also the most abused fixtures in the kitchen. That’s why we engineer BLANCO faucets to last, to use less water, to provide unmatched cleaning and to be as easy to use as they are to maintain.”


BLANCO is proud to announce that its SILGRANIT II series of sinks now include HYGIENIC+PLUS a patented formula that is a shield against dirt and bacteria. Independent laboratory tests confirm that the unique built-in hygiene protection reduces bacterial growth by an average of 98%.

SILGRANIT II is 100% food safe, and the non-porous surface even repels food acids. In fact, the rock-hard surface resists scratches, stains and heat. Best of all, it never needs maintenance or special seals to keep its HYGIENIC+PLUS surface effective. Available in 23 shapes and a palette of eight on-trend colors designed to coordinate with a wide range of countertops, SILGRANIT II offers endless possibilities for kitchens.
Architectural MODEX  
Kitchen Sink Workstation ~ Modex features a unique 3" profile that sits above the counter and offers a generous amount of task space thanks to the dual draining design and large integrated cutting board.
During our press tour of Blanco's LivingKitchen Display we got to see first hand some of their new products, some not yet available in the US, but certainly worth mentioning.  The BLANCO HOT was for me one of the highlights of my visit with Blanco.  Gone will be the days of having a separate instahot faucet.  The BLANCO HOT combines regular faucet with a boiling hot water option.  Take a look at this video because seeing is believing~(yes it is in German....but you will be able to see what it can do)
BLANCO HOT FAUCET ~ photo credit Blanco-germany
Here is a glimpse of some other amazing products introduced by BLANCO.
BLANCOSAGA ~ photo credit Blanco-germany

 I adore this BLANCO telescoping faucet


Learn more about Blanco here ---> The Kitchen Sink



  1. You have some of my favorites here. The SAGA and HOT are items I wish I had in my own home.

    1. Hey Alexandra! Thanks for stoppin by...I love love love the BlancoHot and yes I also wish I had in my own home! Hugs!