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I feel like I have expanded My World, my design world, my Time2Design World.  I just returned from my #BlogTourCGN  adventure, (That's short for Blog Tour Cologne Germany & Netherlands), and I am sorting thru the thousands of photo's I took, the business cards I collected and in general just trying to wrap my head around where to even begin.  I am searching for a way that will help express to you everything that I saw, learned and experienced on my #BlogTourCGN.  I know there will be multiple posts over the next few days, weeks and even months, filled with fabulous friends, new and old, spectacular history and design inspiration at every turn.  I would like to start by first saying thank you to Modenus for your coordination and masterminding this event and thank you to our sponsors for making it possible. 

I have so much to share but before I go on I thought I would start off with sharing with you what I felt/saw/experienced -  a sort of recurring impression I had throughout my time spent in Cologne Germany at the IMM Cologne International Furniture Fair and the whirlwind day we spent in Amsterdam.  With that I give you these words and pictures as a visual glimpse into My #BlogTourCGN, My Time2Design, My World...



Super shout out to our #BlogTourCGN Sponsors and more to follow about them and all they do!



  1. LOVING your photos Carmen!!! Great post!

  2. Wow, your pics are so entrancing. Please give me photo lessons!

    1. Thanks so much Alexandra! Wait til you see the ones I got of you at the Olympic Museum!