Blogging from my IPAD during #BlogTourCGN

So I have recently purchased an Apple Ipad and am testing it now to see if I am able to post from my IPAD during my #BlogTourCGN trip.  It will make life so much easier and honestly be so much less combersome than lugging my 17" Tosiba Laptop with me.  So here goes....first test insert a photo...

Well situation number one ~ Good news I am able to upload a photo, bad news I am not able to select a photo from my IPAD folder of pictures, only able to get pictures from my existing blog photos, from Picassa Web Photo's and from my phone or a URL....ARGH!  So now I have to figure out how to transfer my photo's from my camera to my IPAD and then transfer those to Picasa?  Ok off to figure this out....(hope to return with answers and/or solution)
~a few moments later~
Good news!  I was able to upload photo's from my IPAD directly to an album in Picasa Web Albums and then access those photo's here and that will allow me to insert photo's into my posts while I am in Germany and Amsterdam with my #BlogTourCGN team mates.  Here is a photo I took a few days ago of the Euro's I picked up from my bank for the trip...
I am unable to modify the size of the photo as I normally can  - so I am hopeful that the images will resize to fit appropriately into the post and be properly visible.  I can see this is going to truly be a challenge for me and will help me to be expressive in my writings.
And maybe I can edit the photo first on my IPAD Photoshop App, then save to Picasa Web Album? Let me try that...
~a few moments later~
So good news!  I can edit, save to Picassa and then upload.  Here is a picture of my 93 year old grandma that I took at Christmas - she loves her red!

So the big test will be whether I am able to publish the post or not and if you are reading this then I was successful and I am set to make my blogging journey to Germany & Amsterdam!

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