Christmas Traditions ~ Christmas Eve Fondue

One of many of my childhood memories and family Christmas Tradtions , that I will always cherish, was our Christmas Eve fondue Dinner.  It was this fun interactive meal that allowed us to share a meal and enjoy the festiveness of the fondue experience.  Thinking back I think it was a really clever diversion my parents created to take our attention off of the presents under the tree.

I have been wanting to bring this tradition into my own home for many years and this year I had the pleasure of creating a holiday fondue meal with my mom, my Aunt Trudy and Uncle Jerry and my dear friends and self-adopted parents Burt and Nanette.

Here is our menu and a pictorial glimpse of our evening....

Classic Swiss Cheese
Fondue Neuchatel Oise
blend of Gruyere and Emmentaler
served with baguette bites

Salad - cranberry, onion, mushroom,
carrot, almond and goat cheese over a
bed of mixed greens served
w/ raspberry walnut vinaigrette

New York Strip w/ sour cream dill sauce
Key West Shrimp w/ tomato cocktail sauce
Chicken Breast w/ chile-peanut sauce

Classic Chocolate Fondue
w/ strawberries, bananas,
pineapple and pound cake

What Christmas or Holiday traditions do you have?

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