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I am a firm believer that interior design and fashion design are closely linked together.  So often one's personal style in fashion is reflected in their interior design style.  Many times as an interior designer I look to my clients wardrobe to get a glimpse of color and textures they like and are drawn too.  Very often a the color, style and texture of a persons wardrobe is a resemblance of what makes them comfortable, happy and secure.  And as an interior designer these are the exact attributes I strive to achieve when creating a space for my clients. 

On a recent trip to High Point Furniture Market, I had the pleasure of stopping into the CompanyC showroom at the exact moment that Gretchen Aubuchon, guest speaker, began her presentation/conversation about fashion's wonderful influence on home decor.  Prior to this I had only been acquainted with Gretchen via our social media connections on Twitter and Facebook.  It was so nice to finally meet her in real life and to hear her speak about how fashion and interior design influence each other was a wonderful happenstance.

And during my visit at CompanyC 's showroom was when I heard about their StylePairing contest.  A great way for CompanyC to carry on the Fashion Influence Theme at High Point Market.  More on the contest in a minute, I  have to say their showroom during market was a fabulous example of how fashion meets are a few photo's I took during my visit.

 Ok so back to the contest... (this excerpt comes from site)

CompanyC launched their Spring 2013 collection at the recent International Home Furnishing Market in High Point, NC. The theme at market was fashion’s influence on home design and décor. And they were definitely inspired by runway fashions and colors for their spring collection.

They hosted a fun event during market featuring Fashion+Décor’s Gretchen Aubuchon who spoke to  customers and design bloggers about fashion’s wonderful influence on home décor. As part of the event, CompanyC challenged those design bloggers attending to a Fashion+Décor StylePair contest. They had to pair their favorite Company C Spring 2013 collection with hot-off-the-runway styles featured at the Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 fashion shows.  Be sure to stop by and vote for your favorite CLICK HERE TO VOTE
Here are a few StylePairings

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