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Creating a wall to showcase family photo's is something I really enjoy doing for my clients.  It is a area in my client's homes that tells their story.  It showcases who they are and the family and friends that surround them.  It is a wonderful way to personalize your home and tell your story.  An important part of having a photo wall is to have the composition right,  and hang the photo's at the correct height.  I often find when people attempt to create a photo wall it very quickly becomes a ms-mash of photos and frames. It is important to have the right combination of photos, frames and spacing.
Here are a few examples of photo walls I have created...

Here is a photo wall I just put together for a client with old family photo's.  They are actually hung on the wall in a chronological order and tell the family story.  A great way to give a glimpse in to your ancestry. It represents the blending of families together thru marriage.  Was so enjoyable to hear the stories of each person, who they were and how they were related ~ great conversation wall.

Here are photo walls I have in my own home, I love looking at them, it really is a peak into my life, my history and the people I love. 

Pictures really do tell a you see your story in your home?

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