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I want to take a moment to thank Jessica, for providing Time2Design with the following guest post.  The article has great examples of found object decorating and re-purposing.  Creating decorative and functional objects out of found objects is something I love to do and I know our readers will enjoy learning more about.    Thank you,  Carmen

Found Art Decor

Hi everyone! I'm Jessica, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a blog and website where you'll find affordable light fixtures to go with the latest interior design trends. I'm delighted to be guest posting for Time2Design,  Carmen Christensen, today because I'd like to share a very popular and eco-friendly trend right now and that's decorating with found art. Re-purposing old or unexpected items to create your own unique artwork is an incredible way to recycle and find meaning in things that might otherwise be discarded. I hope these found art decorations inspire a few ideas!

This lovely artwork was created with the silhouettes of various knick knacks and vintage jewelery. The paper silhouettes could be arranged into countless configurations to go with any d├ęcor.

A creative assortment of plates can be used to give a foyer with colors and patterns. I love the stacked drawers and simple table lamp, too.

While faded and distressed slabs of wood might be easily overlooked, this mantle piece illustrates how the unexpected can be beautiful. The row of polished stones make an interesting conversation piece, as well.

Old wire hangers manipulated into all kind of shapes add a quirky charm to this wall. The look is certainly rustic, yet industrial.

These old drawers provide a clever and convenient way to create unique shelving to display photographs, heirlooms and other found artwork. The dusky blue wall color is particularly lovely against the natural tone and texture of the wood.

For fans of vintage, rustic interiors, an old mattress frame can be re-purposed to create an inspiration board or place to hang photos.

This unique pendant light adds incredible, eye-catching detail to the room with a simple net of wire. The rich wood tones and deep blue accents go beautifully together.

This surprising transformation features an old metal panel used as a sleeping structure in the woods turned cool, unexpected fireplace. The distressed blue paint goes perfectly with the upholstered chairs.

What do you think of found art? Have you created any of your own? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to stop by Arcadian Lighting for more brilliant design ideas and affordable lighting fixtures!

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