My Vegas / My Time2Design

Just Back from Las Vegas World Market Center - what a whirlwind of inspiration and amazing new friendships.  I have so much to share, so I will be sharing each amazing experience in a Series of posts I am going to call My Vegas / My Time2Design. 

You are all familiar with the saying "What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" right?   I don't think I can bring myself to leave it there, I had so many amazing experiences and met some truly amazing people, I have to share. 

I had the pleasure of being invited by World Market Center to attend Las Vegas Market for the inauguaral blogger LVM 2.0.  One of 9 other Designer Bloggers invited to attend as part of a Press group selected to share our experiences during our World Market Center visit.  In addition I had the honor of attending Ahead of The Curve - #AOTC - a live panel discussion with top designers Anthony Baratta, Jeffrey Marks and Nate Turner in a discussion of their trend setting finds at Market.
Jeffrey Marks, Carmen Christensen, Nate Turner, Anthony Baratta, Carrie Chavez Hansen 

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