Bracelet Became a Lamp...

For some time now I have found myself specifying Light Fixtures from a very stylish and contemporary line of light fixtures from Minka Group - George Kovacs.  I have had the pleasure of using George Kovacs fixtures on multiple jobs and the sophisticated timeless style is a compliment to a multitude of design situations.  

During my visit to NYDC, during Blogfest2011, one of the stops on our tour was at the Metropolitan Lighting Fixture Company, where I was immediately drawn to this fixture.
I thought to myself, out loud, "wow that reminds me so much of the George Kovacs Light fixtures"... The words had no more than come out of my mouth when I heard a voice confirm that yes in fact I was getting a sneak peak at the newest collection added to the George Kovacs Line.  Much to my surprise I learned that those words were spoken directly from the Designer herself Alecia Wesner.

With an Architectural and industrial design background Alecia found her calling when she became Design Director for the George Kovacs Company.  She pursued her own artistic talents as a silversmith and jewelry designer.  This amazing bracelet was the inpiration for the Alecia's Necklace collection. (How the Bracelet Became a Lamp! - so cool!)

I had the honor to meet Alecia Wesner and it only further inspires my admiration for the George Kovacs Modern and Contemporary Light Fixtures.  Bravo Jewelry Designer Extraordinaire Alecia Wesner and kudos to George Kovacs Company!

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