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I just ordered this lamp for my Living Room... Love it!

 I am starting a series of post as they relate to my personal home and products I have personally purchased.  In October 2011 I will be participating in ASID FWC Designer Digs Event and the countdown is on to complete many projects at my home.  The deadline is a good motivator for me to get all those loose ends finished up and get some rather large projects started and finished.  Some of which include - exterior painting, landscaping, kitchen cabinetry, countertops, backsplash, appliances, window treatments, patio furniture, and various other things that honestly are to numerous to list.  So check back occasional and see what new thing is happening with My Home, My Time2Design.

This lamp is available for purchase from Time2Design Retail, Price $338.00, mention this post and receive 15% off.

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