NYDC Scavenger Hunt / Blogfest2011

photo courtesy NYDC
One of the many events scheduled while attending Blogfest2011 was the New York Design Center NYDC where, during our tour of the building, we were given a Scavenger Hunt.  We were asked to find items inspired by each of the 12 clues we were given to doucment our findings and create a blogpost of our discoveries.  During my time spent at NYDC this what I found and how it inspired me:

CLUE Description 1 - Find an item reminiscent of this famous New York City Landmark The Chrysler Building which can be seen if you look up Lexington Avenue from the Front Door of the NYDC building.

CLUE Description 2-  The Blogfest2011 hosts, showroom is always a destination for the NYDC.  Currently decked out in colors that will make you smile, find your favorite texture and hue from Kravet's new Modern Colors Collection.

CLUE Description 3 - Central Park serves as a backyard to all New Yorkers and is the most visited urban park in the U.S. Find an item that would fit into one of the parks 250 acres of lush green lawns.

CLUE Decription 4 - The New York Design Center was built in 1926.  Find an item that represents the 1920's glamour that could have been shown when we first opened 85 years ago.

CLUE Description 5 - They say "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!" Find an item that represents the glittering lights of Times Square.

CLUE Description 6 - The Brooklyn Bridge is the Oldest Suspension bridge that connects NYC to uber stylish Brooklyn.  Find an item that reflects is architectural splendor.

CLUE Description 7 - This line of custom lamps "Petal Pink" Collection benefits Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  Visit this 5th floor showroom and take a shot of the color you would choose for your creation.

CLUE Description 8 - While this bird is not native to New York City, we love seeing its colors and motif explored in this 6th floor showroom.  With over 4,000 pieces introduced each year, Global Views is full of incredible treasures.  Take a shot of your favorite item.
CLUE Description 9 - Sometimes when visiting NYC, you need a little assistance getting around, information on what's happening and insight into all the city has to offer.  The NYDC's new Access to Design program allows both designers and consurmers to navigate the NYDC and learn about design.  Stop by our brand new office on the 4th floor and take a shot of your favorite component of this revolutionary new program.

CLUE Description 10 - Take a shot of the "Sweet Endings Event" special A-List guest.

CLUE Description 11 - Find something that represents your experience at Blogfest2011 (with brief explanation).

CLUE Description 12 - Strike a pose in front of the Blogfest2011 Step and Repeat Backdrop.

New York, Blogfest2011

All packed and off to Blogfest2011 in NYC and so excited to spend three days with other like minded interior design bloggers.  I am so excited and feel so privileged to be a part of this amazing group.

My Home, My Time2Design

I just ordered this lamp for my Living Room... Love it!

 I am starting a series of post as they relate to my personal home and products I have personally purchased.  In October 2011 I will be participating in ASID FWC Designer Digs Event and the countdown is on to complete many projects at my home.  The deadline is a good motivator for me to get all those loose ends finished up and get some rather large projects started and finished.  Some of which include - exterior painting, landscaping, kitchen cabinetry, countertops, backsplash, appliances, window treatments, patio furniture, and various other things that honestly are to numerous to list.  So check back occasional and see what new thing is happening with My Home, My Time2Design.

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Kitchen Cabinetry

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