Fashion as it Relates to Design

One of the first things I like to do, when working with new clients, is to express my philosophy that "everyone's home should reflect their own unique style".  Much the way this kitchen island reflects the essence of the contents of this closet.

Defining a persons style is an important part of the design process and making their house their home.  A kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom or a living room - each room of the home inside and out should reflect those that live in the home.  Fashion is an integral link to ones personal style and taste and it is important to integrate that into the interior design so that the end result represents "their home".  

I enjoy spending time getting to know my clients and I often discuss with them their favorite colors, what textures they like, what their favorite season is and even words that describe their likes and dislikes.  I encourage clients to let me help them look outside of the box and allow me to help them to learn to live in their homes and make it accommodate their lifestyle.  

With that said, I believe a person's individual fashion sense is often a clear indication of how they live.   What I mean is that your home should represent who "you" are and how "you" live in your home.  

It should be reflection of who you can see by these examples how fashion relates to design...

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