Wallpaper Wednesday ~ Let it Inspire your Interior Design

Wallpaper, Wallpaper, Wallpaper - It really has come so far and I have to say it can truly be the inspiration for a space.  Check out how this wallpaper really makes a statement and sets the style for the room....
photo credit mayer george vladimirovic

This next photo is a perfect example of how a simple kitchen can really make a statement with a large iconic image such as seen here in this digitally produced wallpaper image.  Really so fantastic what we can do and what is available to create very unique individual living space that represents who you are and makes a statement....

photo credit pinterest

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  1. Thank you so much for dedicating a day a week to wallpaper! I think that wallpaper gets a bad rap as too many people think of miniscule flowers on a pastel field.

    Wallpaper is so much more interesting than paint. Keep the wallpaper education coming!

    Alexandra Gibson

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