Trend or Not?? Mixing Colors and Finishes...

We are often asked about the longevity of combining multiple finishes in the kitchen.  Two stain finishes or stain finish and painted finish -  "Will my kitchen look dated if my island is in a painted distressed finish and then the rest of my kitchen in stained wood?", "How long before it goes out of style?", "Is it just a passing trend?"

The truth is that there really is no way to know for sure.  I have been designing and working in the Kitchen and Bath industry for more than 20 years and have seen alot of things come and go.  My general rule of thumb for my clients is two-fold.  I first ask how long you intend to stay in your home after your kitchen is done? My feeling is that if your intentions are to remain in your home for more than 5-10 years then you should do what you like and not worry to much about who is going to live there next.  If you are not going to be in the home more than say 3 years then it is best to give consideration to the prospective homeowner.

After I have established how long you are going to live in the home I spend time getting to know what your individual style is to best assess what will work best for you long term.   The process of selecting colors and materials is a process that occurs while working through the functioning portion of the design.  Often times you will have pre-concieved ideas of what you like and by the time we work through the design process and spend time getting to know you and what you like and dislike we find the correct combination of products, materials, textures and colors that are best suited for your home and your individual style.

The trend of mixed use in kitchens has been going strong for many years.   Currently it seems to be holding its own and is still a very appealing and a stylish way to create a very interesting kitchen space.  Here you see several examples of our work showing two color or multi-finish cabinetry.  Combining a multiple finishes in the kitchen can create a very pleasing, interesting and dramatic design.

In this first example the focal point of the kitchen is emphasized by the large decorative hood and island cabinetry in cherry, with carved corbels, decorative posts and multi-stacked moldings, in a beautiful stained finish.  The surrounding cabinetry or the main portion of the kitchen is in contrast to the cherry in a creamy white paint with  a chocalate glaze finish that compliments the dark cherry cabinetry.  The stark contrast of the cabinetry is pulled together beautifully with the specific granite, backsplash and floor color and material selections. 

Another unique way to create diversity of materials in the kitchen is to do a combination of countertop materials.  This multi-level island was done with a custom wood countertop at the counterheight work surface and then a stunning marble at the lower countertop to be used for baking projects and rolling out dough.  And at the same time the cabinetry is different materials and finishes as well - Paint with glaze on one portion and maple stain on other area.  This is a island we did almost 7 years ago and is still very much in style. 

This next photo shows a job that was designed with two contrasting woods, cherry and maple, with contrasting stain colors.  

The key in my opinion is to have a distinct contrast in color that compliments each other.  At Time2Design, Inc. it is our goal to discover what is best for you and your kitchen.  To determine how you function in your kitchen to design and create a space that is a direct reflection of your individual style.

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