Cabinetry "Green / Enviormentally Friendly"

As an Authorized Dewils Dealer, Time2Design is dedicated to providing enviormentally friendly products.  The following explains in detail the approach that Dewils Cabinetry takes as it pertains to "Green" and Enviormentally Friendly" Cabinetry.  At Time2Design we are so happy to be able to provide such a high quality product that meet and exceed expectations.

Dewils Cabinetry's Approach to "Green" Enviromentally Friendly Cabinetry:

We use a variety of eco-friendly materials to build our custom kitchen and bath cabinetry, including:

•Sustainably harvested wood • Our wood comes from suppliers certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or the Sustainable Forestry Institute (SFI).

•Safer plywood • Our standard construction material is low-formaldehyde or no urea added formaldehyde (NAUF).

•Low-VOC finishes • We use low-VOC (volatile organic compound) finishes exclusively.

•Better hardware • Our drawer guide and hinge supplier is ISO 14001-certified, which means they comply with a rigorous set of international standards designed to protect the environment.

At DeWils, we not only strive to build a product that is healthier for your home and the planet, but we also work to ensure that our manufacturing process is cleaner for our surrounding community:

•Responsible packing - We use SFI-certified and recycled packaging for all our product lines.

•Lower emissions - Since the 1980s, DeWils has reduced emissions at our factory in Vancouver, Washington, by 84 percent.

•International approval - We were the first cabinet manufacturer from the United States to pass the formaldehyde emissions test required by Japan's Building Standard Law, the most rigid formaldehyde testing to date. We received a rating of F-four star, the best score possible.

•Recycled wood - We recycle nearly all hardwood and sawdust waste produced in our factories.

•Energy-saving measures - We use energy-saving, high-efficiency fluorescent bulbs to light all our factories.

•Meeting California CARB Compliance standards.

DeWils Industries, Inc. meets CARB Compliancy

The State of California Air Resources Board (CARB) has implemented new requirements that are now in place for all products manufactured with composite panel materials and sold in California. This regulation from CARB is the most stringent in the country with two phases of compliancy, with full compliancy effective January 1, 2012.

DeWils Industries, Inc. meets or exceeds all compliance levels for Phase I taking effect on January 1, 2009. In fact, all product lines, Designer, Expressions, and Horizons met the requirements easily with no adjustment in the quality products that DeWils supplies.

As a cabinet manufacturer, DeWils is categorized under CARB as a “Fabricator.” Fabricators selling products to retail establishments in California are required to maintain records from all pertinent board suppliers and to provide materials that have been certified by CARB approved Third-Party Certifiers. It is not enough to state that their materials appear to meet CARB; they must maintain proper certification records of compliance from their board suppliers. DeWils maintains files with board manufacturers’ certification documents. Although the CARB regulation pertains specifically to products sold into California, other states are diligently evaluating this rule and will most likely adopt the same or similar legislation in the near future. DeWils is in position for this action due to the fact that all current products meet the required levels of the CARB Rule. The Composite Panel Association has setup a website to clarify the legislation and certification process; There is an informational document on this site titled In addition, the California Air Resources Board own website,, has good information and posts webinar recordings including a September 25, 2008 Retailer Webinar.
When you choose DeWils, you are buying a high-quality product backed by a family-run company dedicated to environmental responsibility. It is imperative that we protect the planet's resources today. And by seeking out further ways to reduce our impact we're committing to help create a greener tomorrow.

As a Authorized Dewils Dealer, Time2Design provides Dewils Cabinetry to help you achieve your "Green" and "Enviromentally Responsible" decisions.  Stop by our Showroom at 1882 Porter Lake Drive to see our Dewils Displays and to learn more about  what Time2Design can do for you. 

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