Wallpaper Wednesday - Flocked is Back!!!!

I know what your thinking, but it's true, flocked wallpaper is back, better than ever and truly amazing. It's not your grandma's wallpaper any more. Check out this fantastic large print floral in the beautifully vibrant colors. The combination of the large print and the flocking really makes a statement and provides a fabulous textural element. 
From as far back as I can remember I have found myself drawn to things with different textural qualities, the softness of a great feathered pillow, the smoothness of a favorite silk blouse, the hard smooth texture of solid cherry cabinetry and the rough uneven texture of a great slate floor tile are all examples of how texture influences my life. It is such an important part of what I find visually appealing that I am always looking for new ways to introduce textural elements into my designs. I find great design elements are created by the use of texture that is both tactile and visual. Enter flocked wall paper..... well, what more can I say - Flocked Rocks!!!!
I think that the way that this chocolate brown more traditional type pattern, in a flocked paper contrasts and melds so beautifully with the sleek more contemporary style of the furniture and light fixtures. 
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  1. Beautiful examples Carmen! I do like that brown one.

  2. I love flocked wallpaper it is one of my all time favorites. The feel and the look of it is amazing. Great post.

  3. Beautiful! Elegant! I'm really getting into wall paper Wednesday.