Great Way to update

If you are just looking for a quick way to update your kitchen or bathroom there are a few things that you can do that won't break the bank, but will give you that instant gratification. The simplest thing would be to change the paint color, a gallon or two of paint and a few hours and you can transform your room and make a big impact. I really love the color palette that Benjamin Moore offers check out this video at showing their new Natura Aura product. Color is a way to truly express yourself.....and remember it is just paint.

Something else you can do that is relatively simple and inexpensive, is to change out all the cabinetry hardware. If you have just knobs (single hole) then the sky is the limit. If you have pulls (handles with 2 or more holes drilled) then it will be important to measure the existing screw location center to center to determine the replacement size. The most common pull size is 3" and if that is what you have then you will find a greater number of choices. The most popular finish you will find right now is satin nickel or brushed chrome, and hold on to your seats because Polished Chrome is really making a strong comeback. Polished brass is still a bit out of date so sorry folks chrome or satin nickel is in, antique brass and polished brass is out.


  1. Hi Carmen! I always recommend paint as the inexpensive way to change a room to my clients (and, of course, I believe it for my own home too). Love the knob pictured-I really like that finish.

  2. Great photo, and yes, paint it the easy quick way to go, (of course when theres no budget for